How to Find Your Best Fit

January 27, 2020

We often hear about the importance of fit when companies are hiring.  Firms want to hire people that will best fit with their culture and environment.  But, do you the job seeker, ever stop and ask yourself what is the right fit for you?  What firm culture and environment do you want to be a part of?  What firm culture and environment do you think you will succeed best in?

When interviewing with prospective employers, what you’re looking for with regards to fit needs to be top of mind.  Culture fit matters and you will most likely be happier and more successful if there’s a good match.

So, what are some things you can do to best asses your prospective new firm’s culture?  You can:

  • Go through the company’s social media and review their posts and activity to get an idea of what’s important to them. You can also look at certain members’ LinkedIn profiles and see what their recommendations say about them. 
  • While you wait at reception, prior to your interview you can watch how employees interact with each other.  Do you like what you see or not like what you see?
  • During the interview, listen for what aspects of the firm the interviewer talks about.  Companies who really live their values integrate them into a number of aspects of the business. So you should be able to pick up on this theme while listening to them describe the firm. 

Further, during your interview, you can ask questions such as:

  • How would you describe your corporate culture in five words?
  • What's the best part of working here that I wouldn't be able to see on a tour?
  • What are some of the ways the firm celebrates success?
  • How does the firm support your professional development and career growth?
  • Why are you proud of this firm?
  • Would you be willing to show me around the office?

The answers to this will help give you a better sense of what the firm values and how they treat their people. 

When determining whether or not a firm is the right fit for you, it’s important that you gather as much information as you can. Don’t necessarily make your judgement based on what one person you knew several years back said in passing on the firm.  Everyone is different.  Things change.  And you need to figure out what works best for you.    

Thanks for reading! As always, if you have any questions around this or any other topics, be sure to contact us!

Happy Job Hunting and Good Luck!

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