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AI / Tech in the Recruitment World

Technology is transforming the world of work and traditional jobs. AI has revolutionized every aspect of our daily lives, including within the recruitment world. With the integration of technology in the recruitment process, we see better quality results as well as it being cost and time efficient. Recruitment professionals will continue to adapt and embrace […]

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Recessions, and Lay-Offs, and Hiring Freezes, Oh My!

There has been much talk of recession in the media of late and economists are torn as to whether we are already in the midst of a recession, or if there is one impending in the near future. As a specialized legal and accounting and finance recruitment firm, Forge Recruitment has been keeping a pulse […]

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Managing Diversity in the Workforce

Diversity has evolved into a necessary component of any organization seeking to create happier, more creative, and more effective workplaces. We discuss some techniques for managing diversity in the workplace.

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Navigating a New Job

We all go through changes in our life. Starting a new job can be a BIG change! Knowing how to properly start and navigate your new job can make a big impact on how your career continues to progress. This is why it is vital you do what you can to start off on the right foot!

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Challenges overseas law grads face when returning to Canada… and how to overcome them!

Recently, there has been an upsurge of people in Canada going abroad to complete law school. These countries include the United Kingdom, France, Australia etc. As a result, there are certain challenges these specific law school graduates face when they return to Canada. I will share with you a few common challenges and will explain […]

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The Risk of Losing Employees to the Lack of Remote Flexibility

Forge Recruitment Survey on Work from Home Flexibility and Employee Engagement Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, the idea of working from home may have been met with criticisms like: ‘it cannot be done,’ It is not effective;’ ‘How will we monitor employee performance?’  The thought of allowing staff to work from home, […]

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3 Tips on Securing an Articling Position

Now that you have completed law school, or are in the process of completing law school, you are faced with the inevitability of finding an articling position. Due to the Covid pandemic and the current market conditions, some have found it difficult to secure this 10-month placement. However, you should know that regardless of the […]

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Not Sure If an Opportunity Is for You After a Video Interview? Try This Trick!

Hi Forge Followers, Video and phone interviews have quickly become the new normal when it comes to job searching.  While video interviews do offer a great way to still learn more about the job opportunity as well as the interviewer and people you will be working with, there still is an element that is often missing!  […]

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Tips to Maintain Your Well-Being During the Pandemic

We have been in quarantine for a while now, and I am very much missing my hairdresser right now. My roots and highlight appointment are needed right now. Obviously, this is all for a good cause. I’m hoping that we can all continue to stay disciplined while working from home and that we can work […]

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How to Stay Focused in Your Job Search During COVID-19

There are a lot of people looking for work right now.  And unfortunately, while almost every company is not hiring at the moment, there are things you should definitely be doing should you be in the job search phase.  Network Socially Engage and take part in online events – be active on LinkedIn and leave […]

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