Technology is transforming the world of work and traditional jobs. AI has revolutionized every aspect of our daily lives, including within the recruitment world. With the integration of technology in the recruitment process, we see better quality results as well as it being cost and time efficient. Recruitment professionals will continue to adapt and embrace AI and data-driven solutions to help streamline candidate selections, scheduling interviews, evaluation of CVs, employee onboarding, and communication with companies/firms, just to name a few.

In the recruitment realm, it is quite common to have the recruiting process take months. With the combination of technology and professional service, the tedious administrative aspect of the job is automated, thus helping streamline the process, allowing recruiters to focus on other vital aspects of the job and provide efficiency. According to a recent survey, the average amount of time per week lost to completing administrative tasks, is around 14 hours. In addition to that, the costs of not automating these tasks can result in 41% lower productivity, 35% in higher costs, and 17% in poor candidate experience.

One of the primary advantages of AI integration is the minimization and elimination of data errors. As we know, recruiters deal with a high volume of data daily and costly errors can slow down the process. With the help of machine learned algorithms, analyzing resumes to match candidates to job vacancies is a lot less wearisome.

AI has enabled employers to conduct more targeted advertisements. With programmed advertising on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed, it is much easier to cater and target the right demographics. With Generation Z making up for most of the audience on social media platforms, marketing and branding will be integral in the hiring efforts. Another plus with integration of technology is the contribution to diverse hiring. It ignores factors such as age, gender, and race when assessing profiles, reducing bias. An extensive study conducted by Tidio, an AI customer service platform, pointed out that nearly 70% of recruiters have seen a decline in bias at the profiling stage.

In conclusion, AI has revolutionized the game and has tremendously improved effectiveness and has played a crucial role in eliminating inefficiency, allowing recruiters to work smarter, not harder. In a candidate market that lacks qualified candidates, every edge you get as an employer, matters. One should not and cannot afford to be overlooking AI in this day and age, as the advantages can determine the edge over the competitors in attracting and hiring great talent. With that being said, maintaining human connection still trumps the AI experience and remains the key to standing out from the competition.

Author: Brendan Pais

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